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Scenic Spots

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Yue-Po-Shui-Hsieh is a place to appreciate the moon. There is a pavilion in the double diamond shape called as Xuexie, a kind of Chinese architecture. The pond was built in the form of Chinese Flower Crab-Apple with a bridge connecting to the water bank. It looks like a small boat that parks the dock. Such design provides an infinitive imagination. The double diamond shape is also called “Fang-sheng” in Chinese. It's a common pattern used in the classical Chinese arts and crafts. It is a symbol of ever-lasting.

On the right- hand side of the pavilion, there are windng stone stairs called "Shiji". It means “to go upstairs in accordance with the flights of stairs.” In the old times, the stairs connected to the platform on the roof.  It was a place where the young ladies of the Lin family went fishing. Outside the wall, there is a shallow pond. The piled stones piled along its bank are also marvelous. A stone mountain stands in the middle of the pond. It's a popular souvenir left by the ceremonies in the Japanese colonization period.