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Scenic Spots

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Ding-jing Hall

Ding-jing Hall is the largest building in the Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Abode and Garden where the Lin Family hosted their guests, celebrated, and held parties or relative activities.

The setting of Din-jing Hall is in the style of “Siheyuan” , it's a kind of Chinese architecture with four buildings situated around a central courtyard. Its front yard is wide. Along the route to the entrance, there are a atriums and inner doors served as passage leading guests to the main hall.

In addition to offering a place for social life, ceremonies, and gatherings, there is display of antiques and ancient painting inside the hall. Of them, there is a horizontal tablets written by the owner of the garden, Weiyuen Lin. The walls made of flower bricks in the frontage and the brick sculptures on the two sides are also great.