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Opening Times for Visitors and Guide Tours

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* Opening hours  *

1.Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00
   Closed on the 1st Monday of each month. (2020: 1/6、1/24、1/25、2/3、3/2、4/6、6/1、7/6、8/3、9/7、10/5、11/2、12/7)

2.Chinese New Year's Eve (2020/1/24) and Chinese New Year's Day (2020/1/25).

* Price on Admission Ticket *
  Since August 1, 2017, the ticket fees, NT $ 80

* Introduction Video Screenings *
Title: Introduction on the Ben-Yan Lin’s Family Abode and Garden
Running time: 12 minutes

Language: Chinese, Taiwanese, English, Japanese, Korean, Hakka. You can ask our staff member to change the language.



* Limited Number of Visitors *

To preserve the historic site and guarantee the best experience for our visitors, the park can receive no more than 2300 visitors at a time. We will stop selling admission tickets as soon as the number of visitors reaches 600. (Since the number of our visitors now remains in the average, we usually do not halt admission on weekdays or holidays.)

* Rules for Visiting the Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Abode and Garden *
1. To keep the historic site safe and clean, please don’t smoke, chew betelnuts, or litter. 
2. Slow down your pace to appreciate the historic site. Please do not run or make noises. 
3. The old buildings are very fragile. The plastered walls, railings, water vats, and windowed doors are liable to be damaged. Please don’t shake, sit on, or climb on them.
4. Food will lure in termites or insects that feed on wood. Please do not eat or drink indoors. 
5. Please quiet down when you watch animals in the park. Please do not feed the animals. Please do not tread on the lawn.
6. When on a guided tour, please listen quietly to the guide and observe with your eyes.
7. Pets are not allowed in the park.

* Group Reservation *
1. A group of more than 5 persons can make a group reservation three days before the visit.
2. The group’s arrival time has to fit in our guided tour schedule.
3. We do not take reservation on weekends or holidays. We can receive the maximum of four groups on each weekday. 
4. When making a group reservation, you need to inform us of the number of people in your group and how long your group will stay in the park.
5. Your group has to report to the service desk ten minutes before the reserved time. Otherwise, the reservation will be canceled. All the reserved spots will be open to the visitors at the door. 
6. To make a group reservation, please contact Ms. Wei at 29653062 Ext.23.

* Guided Tours in Foreign Languages *
Now guided tours in Japanese and English are offered. Please reserve guided tours in foreign languages one week before your visit, so that we can arrange for a volunteer guide.

相關檔案: Group Reservation Form.doc

相關檔案: Group Reservation Form.doc