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Souvenir Shop  
  The four-year renovation of the Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Abode and Garden was completed and open 
to the public in August 2001.  Since then, souvenir shop have come into business in Ding Ging Hall.  In connection with the unique characteristics of the Ben-Yuan Lin’
s Family Abode and Garden, these two shops welcome and greet the visitors with further 
information and great value of this historic site. 

 Souvenir Shop  
  The shop offers painting gifts and souvenirs that present the characteristic construction 
of the Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Abode and Garden, such as penetrating windows and carving craft.  
Visitor’s pamphlet entitled “Yu Yuan Si Meng,” mugs, copper bookmarker of “Good Fortune Bestowing,” T-shirts, notebooks, postcards, and multi-usage cards with a symbol of 
"Sheng Chih" 
and sets of tickets for collections are also available at the shop. In addition, paper carving 
in Lai-Ching Hallare popular nowadays, which ever won a honorary prize in Culture Extension 
from Switzerland. Beautifaul pendants symbolize good fortune, prosperity, longevity and 
happiness. The puppets are so vivid that they will make you recollect your happy time in 
childhood. All of these souvenirs above will offer superb shoices for you. 
‧“Yu Yuan Si Meng”Visitor’s Pamphlet to the Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Mansion and Garden, 
This pamphlet introduces the background history of the Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Mansion, the 
traits and significants meaning of the chinese archtectures inside this historic sites.  
Valuable photos and illustration are contained and the detailed database of the Ben-Yuan 
Lin’s Family Abode 
and Garden are provided.
‧Toys of the Childhood
Do you still remember “lot drawing,” bamboo water gun, seven-piece puzzle, and rubber band 
gun games that we used to play in our childhood?  Let these toys take you back to the young 
age in the 1960’s and 1970’s!
‧“New Products in Development-Butterfly Series, Coming Soon”
Butterfly-shaped penetrating windows in front of Ding-Jing Hall can only be seen here in the 
Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Abode and Garden and it is regarded as the totem of the Lin’s. The 
Chinese pronunciation of  butterfly "Fu”  in Chinese is similar to that of  “Fortune;” In 
this way, the series products of butterflies present both cultural meanings and blessings of 
gift givers to receivers. 
The series products of butterflies that are to be issued include “pendants of flying 
butterfly,” “fortune purse,” “fortune notebook,” and “Butterfly CD-Rom.”