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Scenic Spots

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Banyan Shade Pond

In the north of the Banyan Shade Pond, there are artificial mountains that were imitated from the scenery of the homeland of the Lin Family, Zhang-zhou. The pond is surrounded by different shapes of the pavilions in triangle, square, diamond, octagon and circle, called Meihuawu, Diaoyuji, Yuenjintsong, and so on.

The pavilions are served as places for taking a rest and seeing distant views in the middle of the touring route along the pond in the garden and they are also spotlights for visiting. The pavilion was built for people to look down or up. As for the roof style of the pavilion, in addition to the so-called “zan-jien” in Chinese architecture, the “xie-shan” style is the most common one. It's  composed of one main beam, four horizontal beams. This is built accordingly. It reveals the taste and curiosity of the owner to the full.

The vivid atmosphere of the Banyan Shade Pond mainly comes from the banyan. Its big shadow, open space, and pond at a large size create a pleasant air in this place. Such design makes the garden more comfortable and abundant in local color atmosphere inside.