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Brick carving

Brick carving 
Brick carving is also called brick engraving. The hue of carved bricks can be classified into two kinds: orange red and greenish lime. The Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Mansion and Garden inherits the Southern Min style and features red bricks as its main construction materials. The carved bricks in the residence are all red. They display diversified themes on low walls, inscriptions over front door, wall corners, and arch gates.
There are two ways of carving. The first one is called “yaoqiandiao,” which means carving before firing. It is also called “soft carving.” The other way is “yaohoudiao,” which means firing before carving. It is also known as “hard carving.” After the carving is done, the bricks are placed on the necessary positions of the architecture. The carving is painted with white-grey paint or blue-grey paint in order to signify the theme.  

The Three-Courtyard House 
 The paralleled opposite walls in the palanquin hall, the living room, and the back hall of the Three-Courtyard House all feature classic brick carving. Facades on other brick walls are stacked with bricks into different patterns, including tortoise shells, eight diagrams and crosses. They are rich in diversity.  

Ting-ching Hall 
 The front of the first entrance in Ting-ching hall in the garden are stacked with octagonal red bricks and bricks are finely made. The paralleled opposite walls at the entrance to the palanquin hall and the second courtyard display respectively a pair of carved brick works. They are destroyed during desolate periods but are revived after being repaired. Therefore, we can still take in the delicate carved patterns today.