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Penetrating Windows

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Introduction、Appreciation of Penetrating Windows at Lin Ben-Yua

The walls in the garden are referred as scenery walls that can be categorized as fence walls, garden walls, and corridor walls based on the functions. The walls are mainly used to separate the exterior and interior from each scenery spots.  The walls  are constructed in such as wave-shaped cloud wall, stair wall, book scroll-shaped wall, and fencing wall.  The wall surfaces are often designed with see-through window, door opening, or blank window for both ventilation and decoration functions.

The see-through window is also named flowery window, the unique Chinese traditional construction design.  The construction of see-through windows starts with the preservation of space on the wall and the support of main construction with sand, stone, or brick made contour.  The inlaying on wall surface are begun and finished with fine mud formation and color painting.  See-through windows are sometimes made of wood material, too.

The beautiful see-through windows are not only served for the decoration, lighting, but also layout arrangement functions. They are used to present the scenes in the mansion and garden in better visibilities, an unique way of landscaping art. 

The Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Mansion and Garden is best known for its various types and shapes  and patterns of magnificant artistry crafts in Taiwan.  The design motif of see-through windows implicitly teached and signifying the meanings of elegance, abundance and fortune that are classified into the following four types:

1. Appliances: ancient coins, vases, vessels, fans, book scroll, and so on; 
2. Animals: bats, butterflies, tigers,hornless dragons and so on; 
3. Plants: bamboos, lotus, Sechium edules, peaches, pomegranates, pumpkins, and so on;
4. Symbol: Pangchang, Shou,卍, ice-crack marking, and so on.

Square Pavilion 
 Square Pavilion:Vase, begonia Shaped  

Fang-Jian Study 
 Fang-Jian Study:Bamboo Penetrating Window  

Lai-Ching Hall 
 Lai-Ching Hall:Pot shape, vessel shape, vase shape, Sechium edules, lotus flower, and lotus leaf.

Rainbow-Moon Arched Bridge 
 Rainbow-Moon Arched Bridge:talismanic peal shape, jar- shaped

 Shiang-Yu-Yi:Double-coin shape, double-peach shape, Shih Cyuan see-through window

Guan-Jia Hall 
 Guan-Jia Hall:Pumpkin shape, orange shape, peach shape, pomegranate shape, ice-crack markings, tortoise-back markings, and bamboo see-through window  

Ding-Jing Hall 
 Ding-Jing Hall:Butterfly shape, bat shape, and book scroll shape  

Ding-Jing Hall 
 Ding-Jing Hall:Butterfly shape, bat shape, and book scroll shape