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Scenic Spots

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Lai-ching Hall

The Lai-ching Hall was used to host the honorable guests in the old times and it is also the place to see the flowers planted between the Rainbow- Moon Arched Bridge and the Ding-jing Hall.

Going up the Lai-ching Hall and looking far away, you can see the green scenery of the Mt. Datuen and Kuanyin
What comes to you is a vast expense of green scenery.That's why it is named “Lai-ching” in Chinese. It means the arrival of the green. It is the most luxurious building in the garden.

On the wall along the passage, there are calligraphies of Kai Zhou and bamboo paintings of Guanquiao Xie. Unfortunately, they have been peeled and become incomplete. After restoration, the only complete one is what Kai Zhou wrote "Chu-tzu  Tu shu-le shih"  in the 16th year of Tao-Kuang period.(1836A.D.)

There are gardens on the two sides of the building, separated by the flower wall. On the wall, there are carved windows in graceful styles with profound meanings. In front of the building is a performing stage where the theater performers were invited to entertain the guests in the theater the old times.