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Scenic Spots

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Fang-jian Study

Fang-jian Study     
Fang-jian Study was a place for study in the old times and a place for scholars and poets to create new works.

In front of the Study, there is a pond with a stage in the middle of a stage, opposite to the Fang-jian Study. Along the wall on the right-hand side of the Study are series of artificial mountains. There is a path leading to the stage on which there is a wall called “wall of tai-shi.” It was one kind of the high rank officials in the old time. There are also sculptures of the gods of fortune, prosperity, and longevity. At nighttime when there is performance, the place becomes vivid. 

The building in the water is the center of this area. It is surrounded by houses, stage, corridors, passages, curved bridge, and artificial mountains. The pavilion in the front is opposite to the theater. Both seperated by water and their reflections can been see in the water can be seen. It is the so-called “pairs of the scenery” in the traditional Chinese garden design. It not only enriches the scenes, but also creates the area and createas a marvelous sound effect in this closed area.