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The sculptures and carvings located in the Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Abode and Garden are exquisite, refined, and splendid.  Numerous classical architectural woodcarving, stone carving, and brick carving pieces are masterpieces here.

The carved pieces follow styles from the Fujian and Guangdong Province. The theme of the ornaments varies widely and can be categorized into people, plants, flowers and birds, utensils, pictures, and words.  Themes that are correspond to auspicious and evil, cultivation and refrains, and modern fashion will all be included.

Carving methods can be categorized into freestanding, openwork, relief, and thread carvings.
Carving materials can be categorized into wood, stone, and brick carvings.  These three types of carvings can be used to appreciate 
the beauty of the Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Mansion and Garden.

Freestanding carving, also called “three-dimensional carving,” is independent and does not 
adherent to its backgrounds.  Three-dimensional pieces are set for people to appreciate from every single angle, for example, “stone lions” and “dragon poles,” and etc. 

Openwork Carving, also called “Leakage Carving,” is another three-dimensional carving with two sides penetrating.  The vacant areas ventilate and allow the sunlight to come through.  These carving are mainly used on windows, for example “dragon and tiger windows” and “personage windows,” and etc.  

Relief Carvings are one-sided carvings with no penetration. It mainly shows the three-dimensional 
levels and layers of each object.  

Thread Carving is also called “intaglio carving.” Cove light carvings are used to show 
contour sides and are good for carving different types of display pictures.